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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Elias rounds first

On Mother's Day, Elias and I headed to the park. He pulled the Radio Flyer the whole way there, about 4 blocks. The park was empty, so we headed to the baseball field. Elias has had a growing interest in the Little League baseball games we have been seeing, and he's made a big effort to understand the game, saying things like "batter hit bat" and "running bases!" This was his first time actually on the baseball diamond. We did a dry run, where I carried him and ran to each base, naming each one and what we were doing. Then he ran the bases himself, though he took a short-cut from first base to the pitcher's mound straight to third (ingenious!). Here's the photo of Elias running to first base for the very first time.

Later that day Amy came home from the store with a yellow, squishy bat and ball. Elias love love loves it, he wants to play everyday. Daddy's hand is the tee, which only occasionally results in a little pain.

Yesterday he turned 21 months. I've been thinking of so many accomplishments to list, but I'll have to get to that in another post.


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