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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Flight 93 tapes document courage

Some flight 93 tapes were heard in public today for the first time. No mention here of "Let's Roll!", which was rather heard over a phone, but there appears to be plenty of audible evidence on the tapes that courageous passengers were fighting vigorously to the end.

I have always guessed that the last thing the sub-bacteria did before murdering all those people was scream their praise for God. Could there be a clearer demonstration of the psycho-epistemological connection between Faith and Force?

It's been 4-1/2 years, and still if I think about 9/11 for more than a few minutes I get into a really bad state.

Update: I've read the full transcript of the recording now. It is very short, but I had to take two breaks while reading it.

I've learned that Universal Studios has made a major motion picture of the story of Flight 93. Seeing the ad for the film made me livid. A re-enactment of the final horrible minutes of those lives, especially just five years later, reveals tremendously bad taste.


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