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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Am I a jihadist?

Context: On 3/30/2006 I plugged for TIA on Bidinotto's blog, then threw in a "Bravo!" to Bidinotto for having placed one of the anti-Islam cartoons on his magazine's cover. I did not know that he was even aware of Ayn Rand at that point, having arrived at his blog via Hours later, I learned that Bidinotto is actually one of the cornerstones of TOC, a very pathetic anti-Objectivism organization. I immediately regretted having commented on his blog. Today, I tried to read the article related to the cover in question (the article was only put up on the web today, as far as I know), and it is horrible.

So this morning, I held my nose, returned to Bidinotto's blog, and reluctantly posted a retraction of the "bravo" I had earlier offered:

I would like to retract my earlier "bravo" comment. I made that comment before I read the associated article, which is a cognitive disaster, and, more importantly, before I knew that you and the magazine are associated with that abomination of an institution, TOC. My mistake.

In response, Bidinotto says I am a "fundamentalist jihadist," and I'll endorse an "idea" on Monday but then reject the idea as immoral on Wednesday for no good reason.

Wow. Maybe TOC should be renamed to TSTC: "The Sloppy-Thinking Center."

Two points about Bidinotto's response:

(1) A jihadist is someone who murders in the name of his faith. Even if the implication that I'm anti-reason could stick (and it doesn't) am I in any way a murderer, or even like a murderer -- or is his comment as intellectually irresponsible as it is preposterous?

(2) My "bravo" was not an endorsement of an idea, it was an endorsement of the act of putting the anti-Islam cartoon on the magazine's cover. And I do commend that act on the assumption that the actor is reasonably innocent -- but someone who is deeply involved with an anti-Objectivism organization is guilty to the bone marrow, and I will bend-over-backwards to not give a trifle of moral support to such a person.

In my defense for "accidentally" posting my support (albeit very delimited) on that blog: it has been a long time since I was so bored as to care who or what the anti-Objectivism losers are up to, so Bidinotto's name was not familiar to me.


  • At 2:10 PM , Blogger softwareNerd said...

    The guy is obviously playing to a captive "gallery" who will accept the use of "jihadist" when convenient.

  • At 9:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Bidinottos is a scumbag, as well a TOC big timer. I'm sure you've noticed his most recent comments on that post. Now we're all "nerdy," too!

    - Mike
    Passing Thoughts

  • At 2:11 PM , Blogger Brad Williams said...

    Hi Mike, I saw those bizarre comments and I'm just plain creeped-out now.


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