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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Family notes

Dahlia is doing very well in week two of her life, and we all enjoy her to pieces. She lost her red tone after a couple days, and is fuller in the face now. Her personality? She makes lots of noises, such as little grunts and groans early in the morning when everyone else is still trying to sleep. During awake-and-aware times, Dahlia likes to look at faces, aka those things that move and make noise. Smiles are not uncommon from this one: Dahlia is very expressive in her face. We've decided that she looks less like Elias and more like Amy's baby pictures than anyone else -- although she is first and foremost just Dahlia. We've also been surprised how many people did not know that this is how dahlia, the flower, is spelled, and so they ask us how to pronounce her name. Oh well, I hope she doesn't regret this name later, I still think it is fittingly beautiful and unique.

Elias continues to try new things, like riding horses (picture below), and peeing in a toilet (sorry, no picture). His favorite things continues to be watering the flowers and helping Daddy make lattes. In the last few weeks he's started using negatives very effectively, saying "X, not Y" more than is necessary. I was wondering when he'd get the hang of "not". He's also fond of circuit boards now, since we had a disassembled doorbell switch laying around to talk about, and he can proudly identify resistors and capacitors. Hard to imagine what month 22 is going to bring.


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