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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Little girl, where are you?

Amy is due tommorow. Here's proof. We're very surprised it is taking this long, the second one is "supposed" to move faster than the first, but Elias was a week early. Seems like we've been saying to Elias "you're baby sister is going to be born very soon!" for a very long time now.

Amy is now guessing she will be 10 weeks late. Or she'll just never give birth. Maybe her belly will start to shrink for a while, then get big again, over and over. Or maybe the baby knows that we are already low on cell phone minutes this month, so she's trying to wait it out until May. It's really very stoic of her.

It is getting downright hard to think about anything else, except "Do I have my phone with me?" -- I can't miss that call.


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