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Friday, February 25, 2005

When smart people make foolish decisions

I've been too busy to write lately. Mainly because the honeymoon at work is over, the deadlines are coming fast now. But at least I have dealt, emotionally, with the greatest problem at my job: the fact that the execs don't know how to run a software development shop. The great project that I was hired to help with 8 months ago, the one that was supposed to solve the company's woes in the market by duct-taping an acquired system to the existing main system, is now approximately 10 months late and has already been deprecated, even before we launch it. Somehow, people with a lot more power and a lot less information than engineers like me have decided that this system isn't going to work that well after all, so we're going to rewrite everything in a separate procect, and that will solve the company's woes. And this total rewrite is going to be deployable in 9 months. ... It is hard for me to describe what I think of these decisions and plans without using a stream of foul language, so I will just summarize by saying that these may be the most categorically foolish decisions I've directly encountered in my career.

To end on a positive note: Elias, my most wonderful son, makes every day a joy on this planet for me, even if there are some silly happenings at work.


  • At 10:13 AM , Blogger Pevil said...

    That is why work is merely what we do to have kids like Elias. It's a part of you but not all of you and that's the major win! You are a great dad.


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