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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

1, 2, 3

Amy has informed me that my last post was boring. Point conceded. I really shouldn't just write out the trivialities of what I've been trying to do with computers. So let me try to jazz it up and maybe evince a grin, or at least a groan, from the wife this time:

I have been working with Eli on counting up to 3. I would hope that the least we can expect from anyone is that they can count how many months old they are. However, in another week he will be 4 months old, and I fear he still won't be able to count just 3 juggling balls.

On the bright side, he is turning out to be quite the empirical scientist, having established just today that not even one juggling ball will fit into a standard baby mouth.


  • At 5:27 PM , Blogger Pevil said...

    You have got another Einstein there eh? What does "3" sound like in baby?


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