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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Post-mortem Introspection

What's more interesting to me than that Bush won is how I feel about it: not good. In 2000, I wrote-in George Washington just as I did this time, but back then I actually felt apprehensive on election night when it looked for a while like Gore, a committed environmentalist (read: enemy of civilization), would win. This time I'm genuinely more afraid of Bush's ability to stack the supreme court with pro-religion justices than of Kerry's ability to push some lefty agenda. This is mainly because Kerry would have been a pretty ineffective lefty given his own lack of integrity and due to the stonewalling that the Republican congress would have surely given him. Now, with Bush back in and presiding alongside an even stronger Republican congress, it's looking like Christian irrationality enjoys the balance of power throughout our federal government. "Not good" is an understatement. Hopefully Rehnquist will be the only supreme court justice replaced by Bush.

Perhaps my strategy in the future will be this: when both candidates are irrational statists (as they always are), prefer the less principled man -- on the expectation that he will be able to accomplish less. Or ... maybe the people that vote for a stalemate between executive and legistlative branches have the best strategy in a world of irrational politicians.


  • At 7:17 PM , Blogger Pevil said...

    It's called holding your nose while you vote. Even though both candidates stink, choosing the lesser of two evils is sometimes necessary.


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