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Monday, October 18, 2004

TIA on Cold War 2

The Intellectual Activitist has another eye-opening editorial, this time declaring that the "war on terror" is not WW4, but Cold War 2. Why? Because once again US foreign policy is to not confront our greatest threat (in this case Iran) openly, but to instead prop up weak democracies in "swing" countries through proxy wars, in the hope that this added pressure will, somehow, hasten the big bad guy's fall. A key difference to Cold War 1 is: much of the proxy wars against the communists were undertaken to avoid a nuclear confrontation, whereas tip-toeing around Iran actually guarantees that they will become a nuclear threat to us. More importantly, Tracinski points out, the fundamental problem with any strategy of containment is contained in the word "hope": it is a passive, reactionary policy that depends on luck. If the goal is to wipe out Islamicist terrorism, we should have taken the mullahs out of power in Iran, ending the 25 year reign of the "ideal" Islamic theocracy which is the most effective exporter of jihad on Earth.


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