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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Worst National DSL Provider

To save some money, I attempted to switch our local phone and DSL service from Qwest to McCleod USA, starting in September. I say "attempt" because after being without DSL for six weeks now (when there should have been no downtime), the McCleod DSL was finally activated a few days ago. I called them the next day:

Me: "So what's my static IP address, as you promised in your original sales call?"

McCleod customer service: "Oh, we don't give static IP's to residential customers. The salesperson told you wrong."

Me: "Wow."

I put down the phone, picked it back up, and dialed Qwest to switch back. I can put up with temporary incompetence to save a few bucks, but I can't go without a static IP address.

McLeod called today and they're having UPS pick up the two (did someone say incompetent?) DSL modems they sent me tomorrow. This means we'll be without DSL for another week until Qwest can get it turned back on. Even better is that the domain I host at home, with mail and web servers, will have been down for nearly two months. Since I had only started my switch to gmail, I wonder how many important emails to me bounced during that time?

I actually got several laughs throughout the whole experience. It's been years since I dealt with a sizable organization that grossly incompetent. If McCleod USA is a public company, it might be worth shorting.


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