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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Laughing Buddha Turns 0.25 Years Old

Eli is three months today! I won't say that it seems to have gone by fast, as one is tempted to say in these situations, because actually it's felt like a very full three months. [Insert Steve Martin explaining: "The first month was like a year; and then the second month was like six months; and then the third month was like a year again...."] I can hardly believe it was only a quarter year ago that we were in the hospital getting that little miracle out. So much has changed. Physically, he's about twice as big, and he's growing his new hair and holding his head up well. Mentally, Eli is a little man: he knows who Mom and Dad are, his best friends are two colorful stuffed bug toys which have printed smiles that he just can't resist, and there's a definite pattern to his moods and preferences. He dislikes the car seat as much as ever, but he loves it when Amy and I make him laugh, which we like to do as often as he has energy for it.

I think Amy's relationship to Eli has changed less than mine in this time. You see, Amy was profoundly in love the instant he was born (if not before). It was like she had been re-joined with her ... well, I can't even think of an equivalent. Whereas for me it was more abstract at first, because I didn't feel that I knew him even though he was also, suddenly, the new center of my life. When he was born it was almost shocking that I didn't recognize him, and yet he was already my son. That's an odd mix of facts. Now I feel like I know him really well and he's a part of me. It helps that we can look eachother in the eyes and have cooing and tongue-sticking-out conversations.

To my first attempts at fatherly advice: "Eli, don't laugh!" he always responds with giggles. I guess we can predict at this point that he's going to be silly like us.


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