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Friday, January 26, 2007

Link shuffle

I'm updating my humble links section:

Adding: The0phrastus, a software engineer-by-day and SF writer-by-love, apparently, who reads the snot out of Aristotle and paints nice pictures, such as a stylized nude of war-winning Athena, for fun.

Adding: Artchive, an archive of high-quality scans of fine art, such as breathtaking details of Mona Lisa.

Adding: Acid Free Paper, the thoughtful posts of an Objectivist fiction writer.

Dropping: Rough Type, because although Carr is justly and intelligently critical of the fall of civilization as manifest by far too many collectivist, anti-intellectual web-biz heads, there is good reason so many consider his blog to be a firehose of hatred. (Which reminds me of a funny comic-strip frame I saw years ago, about Jean-Paul Sartre at Christmastime: "Just look at this toy elf -- it's so hateful.")

Dropping: Charles Krauthammer, because not only have I realized he's not the somewhat-principled (ouch) defender of civilization I once thought (he's just one more rationalizer of neoconservative nonsense), but today he's even suggesting that a massive energy tax would somehow be an instance of "the essence of capitalism." Smoking something, he is. PrairiePundit supplies links to all the daily analyses of war I could want anyway.

Moving: The Intellectual Activist, from my Philosophy link-section to the Politics link-section. Although this has nothing directly to do with Tracinski's recent (though some say hardly surprising) bomb that philosophy doesn't really do anything, I am working on what I want to say about that.



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