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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

McCoffee blues

New Year's Resolution-time being prime time to review dietary choices, we made the mistake this weekend of imbibing the "nutritional" information for our favorite Starbucks drinks. It is hardly surprising that most of the drinks are sugar- and fat-bombs, but the bright side is that this demotivation dovetails nicely with another resolution: to spend less money.

The only good news for fans is that, as of Wednesday, Starbucks in Portland will have no trans fats in their foods -- though I don't know if that includes the all-evil "whip" which crowns the best* Starbucks drinks.

* "Best" is used in a purely relativistic sense here, since Starbucks is incapable of making an actual latte or cappucino -- or even, some would say, a good cup of coffee. But luckily, for any of those treats, Portland is Mecca. You have not lived until you've had a Stumptown cappucino in the downtown shop that is so cool, you have to be unemployed and in a band to get in.



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