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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My favorite guy on the planet turned 2 today. His party was actually a couple days ago, with a big turnout and lots of friends and sun and fun. He was very brave when everyone sang and clapped loudly for him. This is something that would have really scared him a few months ago, but Amy has been visualizing it with him, so he was prepared. He and I faced-off with the candles, though I had to do the blowing. (Is it the last time he needs me for that?) The experience made quite an impression, because now if we say "Happy Birthday!" he immediately starts explaining how "everyone sings happy birthday to you and then you blow the candle out."

Elias is fun, funny (he likes to wear our shoes), happy, brilliant, and loving, and I honestly can't imagine the slightest improvement on him.

Writing this makes me want to wake him up and hug him.


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