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Thursday, September 04, 2008


All three of the convention speeches I've seen have made me laugh: the Obamas', for their promises of the impossible, e.g., health care for all while lowering the tax burden on the middle class; and Palin's, for pointing out how laughable the liberal views on the economy and foreign policy really are. After Palin's speech last night, I think the democrats will be surprised to lose again in November. Six months ago I would have considered this virtually impossible, but it seems McCain will be able to distance himself from the Bush Establishment just enough, and things in Iraq are looking up just enough.

Still, I can't vote for anyone who opposes legal abortion, a fundamentally evil position. No matter what else their views: no vote. Those embracing such an absolute and absolutely clear rejection of individual rights -- and of reason in preference of faith -- must be granted no shred of support.



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