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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Game night

Elias and I spent less than 10 minutes in our assigned seats -- too loud. Very exciting though! We had all-inclusive tickets to the special balcony area, where there's lots of TV's and free food. Elias followed some apple juice with a large pretzel, though he didn't eat it, he just held it and rubbed it on things (like his head) for an hour. I think he didn't want to ruin it -- boy, did it get hard in our fridge overnight.

Elias was fascinated by a break-time event in which a random person from the audience took a full-court shot to win a car. It was a great shot, actually, just bounced off the front of the rim. The rest of the night, whenever I said that a player had just made a long shot, Elias asked if he won a car.



"Players don't win cars."


When we were leaving, during the third quarter, we picked up a Steve Blake bobble-head. I don't do sports, but had decided mid-game that Mr. Blake is my favorite Blazer. The first thing Elias told Amy when we got home: "I got a bobble-head of my daddy's favorite player!!"

The next night, he wanted to go again. Aw.

Thanks for the tickets, Andy!



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