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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

6 months

Dahlia is officially six months old! Not quite crawling, but close enough that if she really wants to get to a toy, she figures it out. And she is a big fan of toys: get one in front of her and her eyes immediately lock onto it with fascination as if she's thinking "what is that?!" Next, the target is grabbed, maybe shaken a little, and placed in the mouth for more intensive study. In her car seat she'll play with the same pumpkinhead toy everyday, usually for the entire trip.

No words yet, but Dahlia sure is vocal. And very expressive in general, with a big grin for anyone who gives her a look, and a yell if there's no toys, or she is getting dressed, or she rolls and her arm gets kind of stuck. When mama is gone for a little while, as soon as she gets back there are big laughing shrieks of glee out of squirt-squirt.

A lot of times Dahlia seems to be the most popular person in the house. Here, a couple of adoring fans surround her:



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