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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sleepless in Portland

There have certainly been many stressors this month, so that it is tempting to write off the whole thing as a Really Bad Month. I can handle changing jobs, and dealing with rental property woes, and struggling with baby nighttime restlessness, and feeling ill, and having more side-work than we'd like, I just don't know when the depression over Grampa will wear off.

But our long-term trajectory continues to be up. My new work seems to be really good: ideal location, good team, and enough time allotted to the current project, imagine that! Although Amy hasn't been feeling great, and Elias is having a struggle sleeping lately, we have transitioned so that putting him to bed and then keeping him asleep all night is going to be much easier on both of us ... soon, real soon now.

And what's really exciting is that Elias is having fits and starts of taking a few steps. About twice-a-week for the past three weeks he's taken up to a half-dozen steps when prompted. Preparation is the key. He has to have (a) somewhere he wants to go, and (b) energy -- walking is difficult when you're worn out, we old-timers need to appreciate this.


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