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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A little context

There's at least 100 billion stars in our galaxy, and at least 100 billion galaxies in the universe. You can't picture that, but you can picture 10,000 galaxies -- or rather, the Hubble Telescope can and did. In 2003/2004, it took 11 days worth of pictures of a tiny, "starless" chunk of the "sky", a visual field equivalent to one-tenth of the moon as seen from Earth. The picture spans more space and time than any other picture ever taken: the most distant red blips may be 12 billion years old, and thus 12 billion light-years away. There are a handful of our Milky Way stars, with tell-tale light crosses, getting in the way, but almost everything else here is a galaxy. Each little whorl, blob, and dot: an entire galaxy -- many, like the Milky Way, containing billions of suns and planets.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Almost 2

Dahlia, modelling Mama's fashion creations:



Founders College has run out of money. Only insiders could know the why and how of it. But that wouldn't stop the Objectivist blogosphere from speculating about faulty curriculum, faculty, intellectual justification, or marketing -- would it?

UPDATE: Most of the speculation I'm referring to occurred in the very lively comments at the linked post, but it seems all the comments have been removed now. Good riddance.

I re-read "Our Cultural Value-Deprivation" last night. This is an excruciatingly irrational time and place to grow up in -- it's nearly impossible to turn 20-years-old in this culture and have the self-esteem proper to a man or woman. That some Objectivists would enthusiastically attack an attempt at a more rational college is just beyond me.