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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Raveonettes

Witnessed The Raveonettes last night for a third time. It's just Sune and Sharin touring this time, which had me suspicious, but this turned out to be my favorite Raveonettes sighting. Half the songs had no percussion; the rest had Sharin or Sune or a woman from the opening band whacking it out on a tom-tom and a snare in back. Sharin switched between blasting bass and blasting guitar all night, and did it well. I was front and center at the stage -- could have reached out and strummed a guitar or two, and got completely doused directly by their amps. They were relaxed and down-to-earth. It was like hanging out in Sune's garage (not that I know if he has a garage). I didn't recognize several of the songs, but could tell there are some new diamonds in there, these guys are definitely due for another album sooner than later.

Nate and I wait front-stage while Sune and Sharin do last-minute set-up.

Let's rave on.

Small band, but not a small sound.

The songwriter.

Some songs just end with noise. And that's O.K.



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