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Thursday, January 19, 2006


We've been preparing the new house for several weeks, which has meant that most days I have been (a) working at job; (b) coming home and putting Elias to sleep by 8:30pm; (c) racing to Home Depot for supplies; then (d) working for a few hours on the project. Rinse. Repeat. (How's that for amateurish writing?) This has been very stressful, as it means I'm busy all the time and ingesting way too much caffeine, and Amy the pregnant mama can't get involved like she would like to. But we move in this weekend so I think the badness has peaked.

Last night Amy was crackin Elias up, it was great fun. That boy definitely has a sense of silliness. Not being thrilled to read a particular Dr. Seuss book for Elias (Dr. Seuss is really too nonsensical for a baby or toddler), Amy would say "blah!" or "blarp!", etc, in place of each word. Elias picked up immediately on the incredible silliness of this, and proceeded to laugh hysterically for the next 45 minutes of The Mama Show.


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